Okanagan Wedding Venue Locations – List Of Wedding Venues

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Having a hard time finding an Okanagan Wedding Venue? One of the hardest parts of the wedding planning process is picking your location. With so many venues to choose from and what seems like such limited resources when it comes to finding them, it can be a bit of a challenge! But don’t fret. We wanted to make it an …

Okanagan Wedding Planning Resources To Save You Time AND Money

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[vc_column_text] So you're planning a wedding? Congratulations! If you're about to dive in to the wedding planning process, be prepared that you're going to run into some challenges! Whether you're planning an Okanagan Wedding, Kelowna Wedding, or wedding in Shanghai China - chances are you're going to feel a bit overwhelmed. There will be lengthy deliberations over the literal miriad ...
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Top Ten Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes!

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Here are some of the top 10 wedding planning mistakes we hear about from couples planning the big day. Learn from their mistakes, and save you and your fiance some serious drama! Okanagan Weddings are special, but no matter which Okanagan Wedding Venue you choose, you’re still in for a lot of planning – its important to watch out for these issues …

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Wedding Budget – Why your wedding film should be at the very top!

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[vc_column_text] Of course we're biased, but here at Tailored Fit Films, we think that your Wedding Film might very well be the MOST important part of your wedding budget. Yes we know - shocking! Most people plan their dream wedding, choose the perfect location, ideal photographer, fantastic caterer and the cutest cake - but wedding films somehow seem to be ...