Ultimate okanagan wedding destinations. Okanagan Wedding Venues for Weddings in British Columbia, Canada

10 Reasons an Okanagan Wedding is the best in the world!

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10 Reasons An Okanagan Wedding is the best in the world!

With gorgeous scenery and incredible venue options, we’re convinced the Okanagan is the best place in the world for a wedding. And the best place for a wedding means the best for Wedding Video and Photography! Here’s our 10 Top Reasons Why An Okanagan Wedding Is Among The Worlds Best:

//1 Variety 

When you are selecting an Okanagan Wedding Location, you’ve got a huge variety of options to choose from. This makes for amazing wedding videos and photographs. Okanagan Wedding Videos are stunning because the landscapes, scenery and vistas offered create breathtaking backdrops for your wedding film.

//2 Long Summer Days

In an earlier blog post, we outlined why a great Okanagan Wedding Location doesn’t guarantee great video and photographs. You need GREAT LIGHT! The Okanagan is an amazing place for shooting wedding videos and photography in the summer because the days are so long. The quality of the light in the evening is absolutely stunning – which means Okanagan Wedding Videographers are completely spoiled! Its hard NOT to get a gorgeous image.

//3 Amazing Views

While related to landscapes, the views from Okanagan Wedding Venues are stunning. Whether you plan on getting married in an Okanagan Vineyard, Okanagan Orchard or overlooking Okanagan Lake – your guests and videographers alike are going to LOVE the views. When your guests are having an amazing experience, the wedding becomes that much better, and your Okanagan wedding video is going to reflect that!

//4 WAAAY less traffic than big cities!

Something you take for granted if you live in the Okanagan or in a small town is traffic – or lack of it. Vancouver weddings and other big city weddings come with a host of problems. Traffic is not fun on your wedding day. As Okanagan Wedding Videographers, we love not having to worry about getting stuck in traffic on our way to the venue! The less stress you and your guests are under – the better the experience for everyone, and the better your Okanagan Wedding Video.

//5 Gorgeous Wedding Venues

If we’re spoilt with variety in our Okanagan Landscapes, we’re spoiled rotten with our choice of wedding venues! Gorgeous views and scenery, spectacular food, and great atmosphere – what more could you want? Again, the best wedding videos are from the best wedding experiences – which is why Okanagan Wedding Videos have such a huge advantage.


//6 Low Chance of Rain

Unlike our neighbors to the south in Vancouver and Seattle, the Okanagan is blessed with consistent, sunshine filled summers. While we still get rain, odds of having a dry wedding are much higher. Okanagan Wedding Videographers love this almost as much as you do! A sunshine filled day means people are having a fantastic time – which shows up on camera and in your Okanagan Wedding Video.


//7 All Inclusive Services for Guests

If you’ve invited guests from out of town, it can sometimes be a challenge finding a place for them to stay that is convenient and comfortable. Luckily, many of our Okanagan Wedding Venues have thought of this and offer fantastic acommodation, dining and entertainment options. The only problem with an Okanagan Wedding is that once the weddings over they’re not going to want to leave!


//8 Famous Canadian Culture (The Friendly Factor!)

Canadians are world-renowned for being warm and polite – which is exactly you can expect from your Okanagan caterers, wedding planners, photographers, videographers, and service professionals of any kind. Its our honest opinion that the most important part in choosing a vendor for your wedding isn’t their price – its how you connect with them and how they’re looking out for you personally. Do they have your best interests in mind? You can rest easy at an Okanagan Wedding because the people you’re interacting with are as warm as the weather 🙂


//9 Extreme Value vs City Weddings

A wedding in the Okanagan is going to give you exceptional value for your money. And who doesn’t want the biggest bang for buck with their hard earned cash? We all know that although price isn’t the most important part of choosing an Okanagan Wedding Videographer, Photographer, Caterer or other vendor – its nevertheless a factor. An Okanagan wedding means you can have the best for less than a city wedding.


//10 No Sticky Heat

We’ve all been somewhere in the summer that is hot and humid. Its uncomfortable, its sticky, its distracting. In fact – its hard to focus on anything else! That won’t be an issue for your guests at an Okanagan Wedding. While our summers can be known to pack some heat, its thankfully void of that sticky humid air that leaves you sweaty and gross. Plus with our amazing lakes nearby, your guests might even be able to take a dip to cool down 😛


Ultimate okanagan wedding destinations. Okanagan Wedding Venues for Weddings in British Columbia, Canada


And there you have it – our top 10 reasons the Okanagan is the best local in the world for Wedding Video. Many of these factors are indirect. The better time you and your guests have at your wedding – the better your Okanagan Wedding Video. Because a great Okanagan Wedding Video is a reflection of a great Okanagan Wedding. Your guests are comfortable. You’re enjoying great views. The food is exceptional. The vendors are friendly. The value is superb. All these things mean your Okanagan Wedding Video is going to be an incredible memory to bring you back to your wedding day, again and again.


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