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We See Things Differently

We believe every wedding story should be defined by quality, experience, innovation, and vision. There is nothing better than capturing a couple’s story on their wedding day.  Our drive to produce unique and creative wedding films is because we believe  a one of a kind story deserves a custom approach. We’re convinced this is not only vital to telling your story in the way it deserves, but it also allows for a  higher comfort level on your wedding day. Its our goal to make every wedding film an incredible experience.


We’re after like-minded couples who appreciate what we do and want to finish their wedding day with an artistic film that highlights their love and their story. We’re not interested in producing films in bulk, or in sacrificing the quality of your film to compete on price.  We take a limited number of wedding films per year because we’re  care deeply about making real connections with our couples. You wouldn’t invite a stranger to your wedding, so why would you invite a stranger to film it? We value relationships with our clients so much, we actually offer a  complimentary  Engagement Photography Session to get to know our team before you commit. Contact Us Here to book yours today.


Actually, we don’t consider ourselves to be videographers at all! Instead, we consider ourselves filmmakers and cinematographers. Wedding Videographers of the past will hit record and then hand you a disc of exactly what happened at the wedding. As Cinematographers, our focus is on crafting an artistic and emotional feature film that doesn’t just show WHAT HAPPENED during those moment – it captures HOW YOU FELT.


There are some moments  in life you only get to experience just once. No matter how beautiful, a photograph only tells so much.  There is a story behind each moment that you can’t capture in just one image. It won’t let you relive your wedding vows or hear the speeches at your reception. Wedding films capture the memories that photos can’t.


Want more details? Contact Us and we’ll send you our Info Packet which walks through exactly what a wedding day looks like with Tailored Fit Films.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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