You wouldn’t invite a stranger to your Okanagan wedding – so why would you invite a stranger to film it?!

That’s why we want you to get to know us personally. This brief bio shares a little info about us, but there is nothing like meeting face to face.

We value relationships with our clients so much, we actually offer an Engagement Session Completely Free with every enquiry! Contact us here to and book yours today ūüôā

For starters, we’re an Okanagan based Wedding Film Company. Although we’ve had the privilege of filming weddings on the other side of the world in many gorgeous locations, Dorothy was right when she said that there’s no place like home! We grew up in the Okanagan and we love filming weddings in the Okanagan. Its one of Canada’s premiere wedding destinations for a reason, and we’re proud to call it home!


How are we any different from other Okanagan Wedding Videographers?

Actually, we don’t consider ourselves to be videographers at all! Instead, we consider ourselves filmmakers and cinematographers. We say wedding film instead of wedding video because there is really no comparison between the wedding videography that your parents had when they were married, and the artistic and emotional pieces we craft and create for our clients. An Okanagan Wedding Videographer will hit record and hand you a disc of exactly what happened at the wedding. As Okanagan Wedding Cinematographer, our focus is on crafting an artistic and emotional feature film that doesn’t just show WHAT HAPPENED – it captures HOW YOU FELT. Its a black and white versus colour kind of difference.


We’re Not Your Stereotypical Wedding Videographer

Aside from the fact that we attend more Okanagan weddings than most people, we’re actually normal people. We love having a good time with the couples we work with. There is nothing better than actually being friends with clients – and we value those relationships because it lets us better capture who the couple really are.¬†We don’t want you confusing us with the stereotypical videographers: balding men with bad hygiene and poor social skills!


Our Okanagan Wedding films are high-end. They’re completely unique. They’re produced by professional¬†editors, camera operators, and sound technicians.


Our greatest priority is in capturing your unique story and the real emotion of the day.


There are some days in life you only get to experience¬†once. ¬†We know that after all the planning and preparation, ¬†you don’t want to miss a thing.¬†If you’re like us, you want to make sure you can hold onto those cherished moments.


A¬†photograph only tells so much ‚Äď there is a story behind a moment that you can’t capture in one image. An Okanagan Wedding Film offers more.


Why wouldn’t you want to capture every part of this one of a kind once in a lifetime event?¬†


Most parts of your wedding day come and go. Your wedding decorations are up for the day. Your flowers will last for a week, and your cake maybe a little longer. But your wedding film lasts a lifetime


We want to give you more than just a DVD of what happened on the day – we want to capture the emotion, the magic, and the experience of being there! If you’re looking to capture you Okanagan wedding day in an artistic, creative and romantic way¬†– then we just might be a perfect fit!


Tailored Fit Films is an International Wedding Film Studio.

We’re available for destination weddings worldwide. What we love is that for many, an Okanagan Wedding IS the destination! We don’t create wedding videos – we create wedding films. If you want to chat face to face, we’re available for meetings in the Okanagan, and Skype meetings world wide!

Visit our Wedding Videographer FAQ Section with any wedding videography questions, or book your Okanagan Wedding Film by enquiring here.


Thanks for considering Tailored Fit Films Рwe love you already!

Happy Planning