Turtle Mountain Winery Wedding Vernon – Jeff & Kyla

Tailored Fit Films Vernon Wedding Films

Turtle Mountain Winery Weddings off of Bella Vista road in Vernon are definitely some of the most beautiful Vernon Weddings out there. Jeff & Kyla held an incredible celebration at Turtle Mountain, with outdoor ceremony overlooking the vineyards and Okanagan Lake, and reception with balcony views of the entire Okanagan Valley. It was a terrific day at a terrific wedding venue.

They are an amazing couple and we can’t wait to see their lives unfold together 🙂 Thanks again Jeff & Kyla – it was an honour capturing your wedding day on film.

Turtle Mountain Winery Wedding Vernon - Tailored Fit Films - Vernon Wedding Videographer - Jeff & Kyla Movie Poster

Vernon Wedding Videographer Armstrong Outdoor Wedding at Country Farm - Tyler & Cheriene

Outdoor Okanagan Wedding – Armstrong – Tyler & Cheriene

Tailored Fit Films Vernon Wedding Films


Outdoor Okanagan Wedding in Armstrong with Tyler & Cheriene

Tyler & Cheriene know how to host a party! With a place as beautiful as the Okanagan to get married, the country backdrop was all the decor necessary for a gorgeous outdoor wedding ceremony with barn reception.

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Tyler & Cheriene’s Country Wedding Film in Armstrong


Photographer: Blythe Leslie Photography

Wedding Poster: Tailored Fit Photography

We’ve been to our share of gorgeous weddings in the Okanagan – but we were beyond impressed with the charm and atmosphere of this outdoor wedding in Armstrong with Barn Reception!

Contact us at here or view our  Okanagan Wedding Photography 

Until then – Happy Planning!

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the grand delta kelowna wedding videographer

Tailored Fit Films Kelowna Wedding Films, Kelowna Wedding Videographer

The Grand Hotel in Kelowna was the setting for this peacock themed wedding. If you’re planning an Okanagan Wedding and haven’t found a wedding venue yet, The Grand Delta in Kelowna is a great option. Nearby photography locations abound, and the service and food are fantastic. We had a great time at Ryan & Janessa’s Kelowna Wedding, with photoshoot at Knox Mountain Park. Congrats Ryan & Janessa!


Photographer: Lee Orr Photography

Venue: The Grand Delta Kelowna

Makeup: Jenny Mckinney

Wedding Poster: Tailored Fit Photography


More from The Grand Hotel’s Website:


Choose Kelowna as the spectacular, romantic setting for your Okanagan wedding and let the staff of our resort make your wedding dreams come true. Pledge your love on the Terrace overlooking the lake or in the magnificent Grand Ballroom Foyer. Then celebrate with family and friends as you enjoy a delicious meal created and prepared just for you.

Whether you have your heart set on an intimate gathering or a joyous gala celebration with family and friends, the Okanagan events team can help your vision come to life. The resort’s Wedding Professional is on hand to assist you, paying attention to every detail from décor to menu to accommodations, so that you and your guests can truly celebrate your special day.


Creative menus featuring the freshest local ingredients are sure to please your guests and make your celebration all the more memorable. Executive Chef Stuart Klassen and his staff specialize in creating menus that reflect the tastes of both the bride and the groom.


Relax and enjoy your special day, knowing that every detail is taken care of by the wedding professionals at our resort. From start to finish, the weddings team will manage your event flawlessly, so that you can celebrate and relish every unforgettable moment.


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Cedar Creek Estate Winery & Harvest Golf Club Wedding Film – Mel & Jeremy Friesen

Tailored Fit Films Kelowna Wedding Films, Kelowna Wedding Videographer, Okanagan Wedding Videographer


Mel & Jeremy’s Wedding Film at Cedar Creek Estate Winery in Kelowna


Venue: CedarCreek Estate Winery (Ceremony) The Harvest Golf Club (Reception)

Wedding Poster Photograph: Tailored Fit Photography

We caught this magic moment for our movie poster at Cedar Creek Estate Winery. Mel & Jeremy threw an amazing wedding celebration with reception The Harvest Golf Club. Wedding planned by Laura w/ English Rose Weddings. Can’t wait to start on their film!

If you’re planning an Okanagan Wedding and haven’t found a wedding venue yet, Cedar Creek Winery in Kelowna and The Harvest Golf Club are great options. Nearby photography locations abound, and the service and food are fantastic.

View our Kelowna Wedding Photography here.


Cedar Creek Estate Winery in Kelowna


Purchased in 1986, CedarCreek released its first wines in 1987 and was one of the first 8 pioneering wineries of BC. With four generations of agricultural heritage and more than a quarter century of experience, we have pursued perfection and produced some of the valley’s best wines resulting in CedarCreek being twice recognized as “Canada’s Winery of the Year”. Today, we look proudly towards the future to further promote our region.

The story of CedarCreek is rooted in the vision of Senator Ross Fitzpatrick. Born and raised in the Okanagan, he worked his way through university in the orchards and fruit packing houses that dotted this beautiful valley. Although education and a business career led him away from the Okanagan, the dreams of what the fertile soil and climate of the valley could do were never washed from his soul. Years later his success in business afforded him the opportunity to fulfill his boyhood dreams by acquiring an orchard and small vineyard near Kelowna.

In 1988, just as he clenched his first fistful of soil from his farm, the small wine industry in the Okanagan was in danger of disappearing with the introduction of the North American Free Trade Agreement. But in Ross Fitzpatrick’s mind this uncertainty presented the challenge to begin the renaissance of our grape and wine industry.

At CedarCreek the hybrid grapes gave way to new plantings of vinifera vines, the small basement cellar was transformed into state of the art winemaking facilities and the very best in viticulture was applied. This pioneering was tempered by patience and perseverance which became his mantra. These ideals matured into CedarCreek’s philosophy: “Respect the land, honour tradition, pursue perfection.”

In February of 2014 the Fitzpatrick family announced the transfer of ownership of CedarCreek Estate Winery to the von Mandl Family. With this, two of the region’s pioneering winemaking families have come together with a shared vision for the Okanagan Valley, one that will continue the Fitzpatrick family legacy for generations to come.

Our knowledge of the terroir of the Okanagan and dedication to the craft have brought many awards and international acclaim, to our winery and our region. We are committed to building on our success by continuing to refine our approach to wine growing. Passion, tenacity, care and hard work are vital but above all we seek truth in wine. And the results show in every bottle. On that, you have our word.


Harvest Golf Club in Kelowna


The clubhouse at The Harvest Golf Club is the premiere wedding venue in Kelowna for your special day! Charming yet elegant, The Harvest Dining Room features vaulted ceilings, a floor-to-ceiling river rock fireplace and unsurpassed views of the golf course, city, and Okanagan Lake. Backing on to a waterfall, stream and pond, our lawn and garden area is ideal for outdoor ceremonies and receptions.  With views of the southern slopes, it is the perfect venue to showcase the Okanagan to all of your guests.  With seating for up to 160 guests, our professional team is dedicated to producing the wedding of your dreams.
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How To Give A Wedding Toast

Tailored Fit Films Wedding Planning Tips


Want to Know How To Give A Wedding Toast?

Even if you’re terrified of public speaking, follow these top speech delivery tips to give an amazing wedding toast – guaranteed.

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Mastered Wedding Toast Delivery?

Make sure to Watch Part 1 – Writing a Great Wedding Speech!


How To Give A Wedding Toast:

Their are two main steps in how to give an unforgettable wedding toast: Preparation, and Execution.


The best wedding toasts ever written can still fall flat if given poor execution.

Master both and we guarantee your wedding toast will be the talk of the town (or at least of the dinner table for a couple of minutes!) Here are our tips for delivering a great wedding toast:


How to Give a Wedding Toast Tip 1: Be Comfortable.

Easier said than done for most people – who cringe at the idea of giving a speech to a crowd of strangers. But it doesn’t have to be a SPEECH. The problem is most people are too focused on delivering the perfect combination of words and phrases. KEEP IT SIMPLE – be yourself, and speak from the heart. Have a format and outline prepared, but fill the rest with personal stories that don’t require you to read from a page.


Wedding Toast Delivery Tips #2: Eye Contact

As you give your speech, make eye contact with people around the room. If it doesn’t look like they’re engaged, DONT FRET! The first thing to understand in public speaking is that people don’t show what they’re feeling. Chances are they love what you’re saying, but they just haven’t told their face to show it. If in doubt, focus your attention on the people in the room you know – the bride and groom, and friends around the room.


How to give a Speech at a Wedding Tip #3: Get away from those Notes!

Nothing says, “I Googled this last night,” like reading index cards. If you’ve learned how to write the worlds best maid of honour or best man speech, you’ve created an outline and have thought through a few stories to tell. No reason to struggle through pages and pages of dimly lit times new roman when you can speak from your heart. Its way easier, and WAY more interesting.


Public Speaking at Weddings Tip #4: What About Length?

A 45-second job won’t seem heartfelt; half an hour is painful. Try to Keep it between 5 and 10 minutes. Practice giving the speech ahead of time and use your phone to check how long it takes. If you’re a little under, add a story. If you’re a little over, take a story out. Thats why using an outline with a few stories is so much more effective than 6 pages of type 12 font.


How to give a wedding speech Tip #4: And If a Joke Tanks?

Own it. Say, “Well, that was supposed to be funny.” you’ll get the sympathy laugh. No one wants you to screw up, and they’ll think it was intentional 🙂 Shrug it off and keep on truckin, you’re just ahead of your time.

Wedding Speech Tips #5: Do Drinking and Toasting Mix?

A lot of people need a little liquid courage to help with their nerves. Honestly, I think its far more healthy just to overcome the fear if you can. But by all means, have a beer or some wine – just make sure not to overdo it. You want to be sharp for your delivery, and sober when you bask in the glory of giving the worlds most unforgettable wedding toast.


How to give a wedding toast #6: Keep it Conversational!

Be yourself, speak up, and act and talk like you’d normally talk to your best friend. If you’ve created a good wedding speech outline, you’ll be cruising through it like nobodies business. So savour this chance to love on your friend and to give the worlds best wedding toast.

Following these few key wedding toast tips should have you well on your way to an epic and even unforgettable wedding toast.

Trust us, giving a wedding toast is an honour – but not something you should be stressing about! We hope our tips for wedding toasts have given you the confidence you need to give a great wedding toast, and impress all your family and friends.

Check out Pinterest or google for more wedding toast inspiration. Wedding toast tips, wedding  toast poems, and wedding  toast examples abound online.   Watch our part one video for how to write a wedding toast – how to write an amazing wedding toast and wedding toasts that will bring tears to your spouses eyes. You’ll cherish your wedding toast forever! Contact us at www.tailoredfitfilms.com/contact or visit www.tailoredfitfilms.com to watch more Kelowna Wedding Films, Vernon Wedding Films, Penticton Wedding Films, and Okanagan wedding films and visit www.tailoredfitphotography.com for Okanagan wedding photography


Until then – Happy Planning!


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What Is Raw Footage?

Tailored Fit Films Wedding Planning Tips


What does Raw Footage Mean? Do I need Raw Footage of my Wedding?

Learn what Raw Footage is, and whether you need raw footage of your wedding:

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What is Raw Footage? Should I ask my Wedding Videographer for Raw Footage?

Wedding Video Raw Footage Explained:

Whenever you read Wedding Advice on Videography, couples are always encouraged to ask about Raw Footage – don’t walk away from your videographer without full raw footage in your hands! Make sure you ask for Raw Footage! A good videographer will always give you Raw Footage! While these people are all well meaning, they create some confusion around the topic of Raw Footage – what it is, why you want it, and what its good for.

Raw Footage in the days before digital:

When weddings were still being captured using film, raw footage meant the literal film from your wedding – the entire long version of your wedding on vhs or a big roll of film. Those days, the videographer literally recorded one huge take, and the couple would then sit down and watch the entire video. That was RAW footage in the day.

Raw Footage For Modern Wedding Films

Now that things are digital however, wedding cinematographers are filming weddings completely differently. Here at Tailored Fit Films, we’re recording our Okanagan Weddings with multiple cameras, and hundreds if not thousands of short little 5-6 second clips. Nowadays, when you ask for raw footage, thats what you’re referring to – thousands on thousands of 5 second clips that really have no story or meaning until they’re put into an editor and mixed together to create your wedding film. Raw footage by itself is pretty much unwatcheable.

So why have raw footage?

Well the advantage of raw footage is that it contains all the raw material for your wedding film, so should anything ever go wrong and you lose or damage your film – you have the original raw files to go back to. We hope this has helped you understand the benefits and drawbacks of raw footage, and whether or not you need it from your wedding videographer. Our advice is not to worry about it too much – but if you want the peace of mind in knowing you have EVERYTHING backed up from your wedding, then there is no harm in purchasing it just in case.

Subscribe to our channel for more wedding advice, info and updates.

Head to tailoredfitfilms.com or tailoredfitphotography.com for more wedding tips tricks and advice – learn how to plan your ceremony, how to write a great wedding toast or speech, and whether or not you should write your own personal wedding vows. We want to make planning your Okanagan Wedding Easy. Whether its a Kelowna Wedding, Penticton Wedding, Vernon Wedding, or wedding outside the Okanagan. Tailored Fit Films and Tailored Fit Photography are your Okanagan Destination wedding experts. Until Next time – happy planning!   Contact us at www.tailoredfitfilms.com/contact or visit www.tailoredfitfilms.com to watch more Kelowna Wedding Films, Vernon Wedding Films, Penticton Wedding Films, and Okanagan wedding films and visit www.tailoredfitphotography.com for Okanagan wedding photography     tailored fit photography

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How To Plan A Bachelor Party

Tailored Fit Films Wedding Planning Tips


Wonder How To Plan A Bachelor Party?

Don’t get stressed about Bachelor Party Planning – Plan Your Bachelor Party in just 3 Easy Steps

[/vc_column_text][dt_gap height=”60″][vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiMqPCiYPQg&feature=youtu.be”][dt_gap height=”60″][vc_column_text]

How to Plan an Epic Bachelor Party

So you’ve been asked to be the best man at your friends wedding – congratulations! Clearly your friend trusts you enough to place you in charge of planning his Bachelor Party, and even say a few words at the wedding reception.


The History of the Bachelor Party

Bachelor Parties find their origin with the Spartans – those ripped and manly legends of old. The bachelor party was a chance for the grooms dad and friends to spend an evening feasting and toasting the groom and eachother. For generations its been seen as an important rite of passage as a man becomes a husband and launches off to start his own family.


Fast forward to modern times, the purpose of a bachelor party has become more about the grooms last chance to get all of his bad behaviour out of his system, before such things as strip clubs and copious amounts of alcohol are forever banished.


Fortunately, these kinds of parties have been going out of style of late. Such parties neither honor the bride-to-be, who will be stressed by the temptations her fiancée may succumb to, nor respect your friend the groom, who has likely reach a point of maturity in which he feels ready to get married and settle down. For the groom-to-be, marriage does not likely signal the end to his days of strip clubs and bar hopping, he’s already left behind those things some time ago. But certainly marriage will leave him less time to hang with his boys.


So instead of viewing a bachelor party as your friend’s last chance for debauchery, a party should really serve as a golden opportunity for male bonding, a chance to do activities that may become less frequent post-marriage, and a time to blow off pre-nuptial jitters.


Bachelor Party Planning in 3 Key Steps:

Planning an epic bachelor party really isn’t as hard as it may seem on the surface – it can be broken down into 3 key steps


How To Plan a Bachelor Party Step 1: First, Pick an Activity.

The first step in planning a bachelor party is to choose an activity to center the party around. Just because your fiesta won’t involve stuffing dollar bills into g-strings, doesn’t mean that it has to be a boring affair. There are plenty of other activities that will unleash your testosterone and get your heart pumping. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Rent jet skis for a day on the water
  • Go snow skiing or snowboarding
  • Attend a professional or collegiate sporting event
  • Attend a boxing or MMA match
  • Spend the day golfing
  • Take a deep sea fishing trip, charter a fishing boat, or take a lesson in fly fishing
  • Plan a game of a football, basketball, soccer, or bowling
  • Create a casino night, complete with a paid dealer
  • Go paintballing
  • Take a camping or backpacking trip

Here are a few tips in narrowing down your options:


  • Don’t do anything insanely dangerous. You want to have fun, but you don’t want to risk breaking one of the groom’s limbs. He’ll find it difficult to go scuba diving on his honeymoon with a cast on his leg.
  • It’s nice to surprise your friend with what he’ll be doing at his party, but be sure to cater to his personality and interests.
  • Consider the relative budgets of your friends. You don’t want some of the groom’s friends to skip the party because they can’t afford to come.
  • After you choose an activity for the bachelor’s party, plan for a meal to follow it. If it’s warm, a backyard cookout makes an excellent choice. If it’s cooler, or you simply desire something more formal, rent a room at your friend’s favorite restaurant.
  • At the dinner, encourage your friends to make funny roasts and poignant toasts. They may also wish to impart words of wisdom to the groom. If you have some advice, or want to say things that won’t be included when you write your awesome best man’s speech, feel free to contribute to the toasting.

How To Plan a Bachelor Party Step 2: Pick a Date

There are several considerations to take into account when planning the date of the party. While it is tempting to have the party the night before the wedding when all the guests are in town, its really asking for trouble. The groom needs to be sharp for the next day’s ceremony, and the last thing he wants is to be tired afterwards! Also, a rehearsal dinner is often planned for the same night and would conflict with your party. So choose a date several weeks before the wedding. If many of the groom’s friends live out-of-state, make sure to organise this far in advance so that they aren’t traveling into town twice in a short period of time.

How To Plan a Bachelor Party Step 3 is to Invite the grooms friends.

Invite all the men in the wedding party and all of the groom’s good friends and male relatives with whom he is close. If you’re not sure who he would want there and who he wouldn’t, theres nothing wrong with asking him.


Bachelor Party Tip: Make sure to get rsvps for the party well ahead of time

– don’t try to organize anything with less than 3 weeks notice. The invitations should match the party’s level of formality. If the party is to be formal, send quality, written invitations through the mail. If the party is going to be a more casual affair, a phone call or email will do. If the party will involve an activity such as the ones mentioned above, include information such as the cost, meeting place and time, maps, etc.


Bachelor Party Tip: Discuss Payment Details in Advance

Each invitee should be responsible for paying for the cost of himself and chipping into the cost for the groom. In the invitation, include a respectful request for a check to be sent to you or an e-transfer made for the appropriate amount. Do this ahead of time or you’ll struggle to ever get your money back afterwards!


And thats it – bachelor party planning in 3 easy steps. Not so hard right?


Now all thats left is to enjoy the bachelor party and try to bring the groom to be back in one piece.


If you found these tips helpful, help out the other best men out there by liking this video. Be sure to check out part two and three of our best man series:

How to write an awesome wedding speech

How to give an awesome wedding speech


How to Plan a Bachelor Party brought to you by Okanagan Wedding Videographers Tailored Fit Films and Okanagan Wedding Photographers Tailored Fit Photography. For more wedding tips and tricks, subscribe to our channel or head to our websites –




Until Next Time

Happy Planning!

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video tour of lindon house at a wedding - backyard setup, facilities and other details about the wedding venue

Lindon House Wedding Venue

Tailored Fit Films Wedding Planning Tips

Lindon House – Outdoor Oasis Minutes From Downtown Kelowna

One of the newer Kelowna Wedding Venues, Lindon House is a fantastic location for an outdoor vintage wedding.


More From The Lindon House Website:

The perfect location for your wedding, special event or private party

Originally built in 1905, this gorgeous 4000 sq.ft. heritage mansion is now available for hosting your special events and gatherings.

Atmosphere is what transforms simple gatherings into unforgettable occasions. You’ve already seen reception halls, board rooms and hotel venues, which can be dull and unattractive, but Lindon House can provide a unique and stunning backdrop for your wedding or party.

Located in the heart of downtown Kelowna, this beautifully restored building is set on over half an acre of sprawling gardens. Suzanne Petti, an award winning designer with a passion for heritage homes, oversaw Lindon House’s renovation, and brought this heritage mansion back to its former glory.

Owners Linda and Don are now thrilled to open up this amazing venue for hosting your outdoor ceremonies for up to 120 people or indoor events for up to 65.

Corporate meetings find a refreshing new experience here at Lindon House. A welcome break from the boardroom or hotel conference hall.

Celebrations of Life are held in the heritage atmosphere of the Lindon House. The banquet room and home’s guest areas make for a warmer more personal environment. This indoor gathering is limited to 60 persons.

So if you’ve been looking for somewhere unique to hold your special event, party or meeting. Have a closer look at Lindon House where special events become…more.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


Outdoor Wedding Set up in the backyard of Lindon House at night time


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Why Does Wedding Video Cost So Much?

Tailored Fit Films Wedding Planning Tips


Wondering Why Does Wedding Video Cost So Much?

Zach tells us why Wedding Video can seem expensive, but is actually one of the highest-value investments you can make at your wedding:

[/vc_column_text][dt_gap height=”60″][vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DX9J8vCCeGI&feature=youtu.be”][dt_gap height=”60″][vc_column_text]

Ever Wondered Why Wedding Video & Wedding Videographers cost so much?


Local Kelowna Wedding Videographer Zach Boyd from Tailored Fit Films describes why Kelowna Wedding Videography costs so much, and how to get the most value for your money:


Honestly, wedding video can be a pricey addition to any wedding budget. Most people don’t realize however everything they are getting when they pay for professional wedding video. Your Okanagan Wedding Videographers don’t just show up at your Kelowna Wedding, press record, and then finish up on the same night. Your footage goes through intense editing, wedding video colour grading, wedding video sound design and professional production so that your Okanagan wedding film is something just like the movies. It takes us 5-6 weeks to produce a wedding film – a LOT more work than just the wedding day.


On top of that, your wedding videography is filmed with over $25000 of cinema gear

– imagine the issues when it comes to theft, wear and tear, insurance, and bad weather.


Lastly, you’re paying for professional video coverage of your wedding.

The Professional Okanagan Wedding Videographers at Tailored Fit Films are trained to get you the best possible results and cinematic wedding film. Great wedding videographers just like any other professional also need to charge what they’re worth.


So hopefully Zach helps you understand why when it comes down to it – your Kelowna or Okanagan Wedding Video is really the best deal of your wedding: its the only thing you’ll have to remember your Okanagan wedding ceremony, your Okanagan Wedding speeches, and the Okanagan wedding day experience.

Understand the cost and value when it comes to Okanagan Wedding Video, Kelowna Wedding Videography, Penticton Wedding Films and Vernon Wedding Video


Head to tailoredfitfilms.com to view our Okanagan wedding videos.

To view our Okanagan Wedding Photography check out www.tailoredfitphotography.com

Leave a comment below with your thoughts on wedding videographers and why they charge what they do!

Until next time
Happy Planning!

why does wedding video cost so much, kelowna wedding video prices, kelowna wedding video packages, kelowna videographer prices, okanagan wedding video prices, okanagan wedding videographer packages

Contact us at www.tailoredfitfilms.com/contact or visit www.tailoredfitfilms.com to watch more Kelowna Wedding Films, Vernon Wedding Films, Penticton Wedding Films, and Okanagan wedding films and visit www.tailoredfitphotography.com for Okanagan wedding photography Until then – Happy Planning!

wedding planning app - bride guide wedding planning apps, apps for wedding planning, wedding to do app, to do list wedding app

Free Wedding Planning Apps – Wedding Planning Checklist App

Tailored Fit Films wedding planning apps, Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding Planning Apps to Save Your Sanity

Wedding Planning Apps can be a real life saver when it comes to planning a wedding.

Amidst endless spreadsheets and 10lb Binders, the chance to move all that wedding planning onto one app that fits into your pocket is amazing.

Your wedding day is going to be one of the happiest days of your life. The planning leading up to it however can be TOUGH! Planning a wedding requires many decisions. Wedding Colors? Wedding Inspiration Boards? Wedding Budget? From Wedding seating charts to Wedding Vendors, travel, dress fittings and choice of DJ – exhausting just to write about!

So Since you’re already a busy bride-to-be, we’ve done the research for you with a bunch of wedding apps. Here are our top choices to help your day go off without a hitch:


Wedding Planning App #1

Mindy Weiss


wedding planning app - mindy weiss wedding planning apps, apps for wedding planning, wedding to do app, to do list wedding app
Why we like it: This app features the basic to-do list functionality, but throws in easy access to trends and inspiration from one of wedding planning’s biggest names. Our favorite feature? Being able to link photos of your gifts to guests.  Genius.

This app includes a built in to-do list that also allows easy access to trends and inspiration for your wedding. One of the genius features is the chance to link photos of your gifts to guests. AMAZING

Why it might not be for you: The style guides aren’t for everybody, depending on your personal taste.

Rating: 3/5

Wedding Planning App #2

Bride Guide:


wedding planning app - bride guide wedding planning apps, apps for wedding planning, wedding to do app, to do list wedding app



What We Love: This wedding planning app nice to look at – AND its super easy to use! Included is a pre-made to do list of items, info on vendors, and a countdown to your wedding date. It even gives you suggested milestones along the way. There are links to photos, help with guest lists and budget planning. If you’re looking for a wedding guest list app, this one is great 🙂

Also, it’s free.

Why it might not be for you: One of the reasons the app is so easy to use is there isn’t a lot of media content.

Rating: 4/5


Wedding Planning App #3
iWedding Deluxe:


wedding planning app - i-wedding deluxe, wedding planning apps, apps for wedding planning, wedding to do app, to do list wedding app
Why we like it: This wedding planning app has it all – budget, venue information, contact information and to-dos…all included alongside tons of extras like tools for finding nearby vendors, links to wedding favors, photo storage for items that inspire you, guest list details, and even a function that lets you record entrée selections. There’s also a countdown timeline that provides advice on things you should get accomplished as you lead up to the big day.
If you’re looking for the cadillac of Wedding Planning Apps – this app has it all! Its a wedding budget app. Its a wedding venue app. Its a wedding to do list app. All alongside tons of extra tools for finding vendors, photo storage for wedding inspiration, guest list details, and even wedding menu selections. This wedding countdown app gives you advice on all the things you need to do before your wedding.
Why it might not be for you: We don’t know, this is the mother of all planning apps.

Rating: 5/5

We hope these apps make planning your wedding a breeze. Nothing like a wedding app to plan the perfect wedding and rid your house of spreadsheets, binders and clutter!

Now, step away from the Sharpies…


Happy Planning!



For more wedding planning checklists, tips, tricks and more, check out the rest of our wedding planning blog! If you’re planning an Okanagan Wedding, check out our Okanagan Wedding Venues. Or narrow it down to Kelowna Wedding Venues or Vernon Wedding Venues.



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