Client Profile Questionnaire

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    Full Names of Bride & Groom

    Your Email

    Mailing Address (Where should we send your finished film?)



    What time will the bride begin makeup?

    What time are the photographers arriving at the Bride’s location?

    What time will the bride get into her dress?

    What time will the Bride leave for the next location?

    Will your Maid of Honour or Bridesmaids be giving a speech at the reception? If so, who?

    Are the Bride and Groom exchanging gifts the morning of the wedding? If so please explain the logistics



    Are the Groom and his Groomsmen partaking in any activity before getting dressed?

    If so, what time and where? (Full address please)

    What time will the groom begin getting dressed?

    What time is/are the photographer(s) arriving at the Groom’s location?

    What time will the Groom leave for the next location?



    (If you do not plan to see each other before the ceremony write n/a in this section)
    Do you plan on seeing each other before the ceremony?

    At what time will the first look take place?

    Will your photographer be taking photos of you and your bridal party following the First look?

    How long will it take to travel from the first-look location to the ceremony?



    What time does your invitation state that the ceremony will BEGIN?

    What time does the Bride plan on arriving to the ceremony location?

    What time does the Groom plan on arriving to the ceremony location?

    What is the plan for the entry of the bridesmaids, groomsmen, groom and bride? (In pairs, groomsmen first etc)

    What is the plan for the exit?

    What type of ceremony are you having?

    How long will the ceremony be, approximately?

    Will you be reading personal vows?

    Will any guests be giving scripture, special poem or statement readings?? If so, who? Please provide full names

    Has the ceremony officiate or venue given you any special restrictions or instructions for
    photography and videography? (Please be specific)

    What time are you expecting the ceremony will end?

    Are you doing a receiving line after the ceremony?

    What is the plan for your guests after the ceremony finishes?



    How much time have you scheduled for your photoshoot? (We suggest 1.5-2hrs, including family photos)

    How long will it take to travel to the photoshoot location (if applicable)?

    What time do you plan to wrap up photo-taking and head to the cocktail hour?

    Do you have any issue with allowing us (the cinema crew) 10 minutes to work with you in the middle of your photo session?



    What times will cocktail hour begin and end for your guests?

    What time will your reception begin?

    What time will the bridal party arrive at the reception?

    What time will your reception end?

    How many speeches do you expect on having?

    Will speeches be taking place while dinner is being served?

    If yes, have you assigned our seats/meals in the same room? (If not, be aware that we may miss parts of your reception during the meal)

    Will there be live entertainment at the reception? If so please describe?

    What time will you have your first dance?

    What time will you have your parents dances?

    What time will you be cutting your cake?

    Will you have a garter & bouquet toss? If so, at what time? (We suggest right after the cake cutting/first dances)



    Please list your phone numbers and the phone numbers of the best man and maid of honour:



    *Please list full addresses of all venues & locations*
    Where is the bride having makeup done?

    Where will the bride be getting into her dress? ((If different location)

    Where is the Groom getting dressed? (Full address please)

    Where will you be having your first look? (Full address please)

    What is the name and address of your ceremony venue?

    Where will the photoshoot be taking place? (Full addresses please)

    What is the name and address of your reception venue? (Full address please)



    What is the name of your photographer? (Studio name and photographer’s name)

    What is the photographer’s phone number and email address?

    What are the makeup & hair stylists names/company names?

    What are the Bride’s parent’s names?

    What are the Groom's parent's names?

    Please list the Groomsmen/Ring-Bearers FULL names: (Please specify the Best Man)

    Please list the Bridesmaids/Flower-Girls FULL names: (Please specify the Maid/Matron of Honor)

    What is the name of your ceremony officiant?

    What is the name of your reception MC?


    PLEASE LIST (If Applicable)

    The florist for the event?

    Your wedding planner & his/her company

    Your wedding decorator & his/her company

    Your DJ & his/her company


    Anything else we should know?