Premiere YOUR Wedding Film at the Galaxy Cinema in Vernon

Vernon Wedding Video hits the big screen through Okanagan Wedding Videographer Tailored Fit Films

Most of us living in Vernon have probably watched a movie or two at the Galaxy Cinema in Vernon. But have you ever wondered what would it be like to search google for Galaxy Cinema Vernon Showtimes and see YOUR face pop up on one of their movie posters?!


The Vernon Wedding Filmmakers at Tailored Fit Films are taking Wedding Video to the next level: Starting by offering screenings of your wedding film at the Vernon Galaxy Cineplex this summer.


Tailored Fit Films Co-founder Ryan Breitkreutz shares the vision behind the concept:

“At Tailored Fit Films, we tell people we’re not wedding videographers. We’re wedding filmmakers. It may seem like we’re picking at words – but there is a good reason. We’re interested in making your Wedding Film like something straight out of the movies. We think wedding films should be romantic, emotional and exciting. Why spend all that money on something that’s going to bore you to sleep? We want to create films that are so good, you can sit down, grab the popcorn and watch em. If you’re crying at the end of it – we’ve done our job.”


Screening your wedding film at Galaxy Cinemas in Vernon isn’t cheap – rental of the space starts at $1500 for the evening. But for the real movie (and wedding?) buffs, it could be just one more experience to add to your special day.


Booking your wedding film Screening at the Vernon Galaxy Cinema also comes with an added bonus: Tailored Fit Films will design and print your very own custom designed movie poster (Photographed by Okanagan Wedding Photographers Tailored Fit Photography) to commemorate the premiere. (Example Wedding Film Movie Posters Below)


So next time you pass by the Galaxy Cinema Vernon, check out the new releases and showtimes. There’s every chance it might be someone you know!


galaxy cinema vernon showtimes for wedding films by Tailored Fit Films - Galaxy Cineplex Vernon movies. Wedding Movie Posters Vernon Cineplex Now Playing Wedding Films! Private screening of your wedding video by Okanagan Wedding Videographer Tailored Fit Films at Galaxy Cinema in Vernon BC. Wedding Movie Posters

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