How To Give A Wedding Toast

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Want to Know How To Give A Wedding Toast?

Even if you’re terrified of public speaking, follow these top speech delivery tips to give an amazing wedding toast – guaranteed.

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Mastered Wedding Toast Delivery?

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How To Give A Wedding Toast:

Their are two main steps in how to give an unforgettable wedding toast: Preparation, and Execution.


The best wedding toasts ever written can still fall flat if given poor execution.

Master both and we guarantee your wedding toast will be the talk of the town (or at least of the dinner table for a couple of minutes!) Here are our tips for delivering a great wedding toast:


How to Give a Wedding Toast Tip 1: Be Comfortable.

Easier said than done for most people – who cringe at the idea of giving a speech to a crowd of strangers. But it doesn’t have to be a SPEECH. The problem is most people are too focused on delivering the perfect combination of words and phrases. KEEP IT SIMPLE – be yourself, and speak from the heart. Have a format and outline prepared, but fill the rest with personal stories that don’t require you to read from a page.


Wedding Toast Delivery Tips #2: Eye Contact

As you give your speech, make eye contact with people around the room. If it doesn’t look like they’re engaged, DONT FRET! The first thing to understand in public speaking is that people don’t show what they’re feeling. Chances are they love what you’re saying, but they just haven’t told their face to show it. If in doubt, focus your attention on the people in the room you know – the bride and groom, and friends around the room.


How to give a Speech at a Wedding Tip #3: Get away from those Notes!

Nothing says, “I Googled this last night,” like reading index cards. If you’ve learned how to write the worlds best maid of honour or best man speech, you’ve created an outline and have thought through a few stories to tell. No reason to struggle through pages and pages of dimly lit times new roman when you can speak from your heart. Its way easier, and WAY more interesting.


Public Speaking at Weddings Tip #4: What About Length?

A 45-second job won’t seem heartfelt; half an hour is painful. Try to Keep it between 5 and 10 minutes. Practice giving the speech ahead of time and use your phone to check how long it takes. If you’re a little under, add a story. If you’re a little over, take a story out. Thats why using an outline with a few stories is so much more effective than 6 pages of type 12 font.


How to give a wedding speech Tip #4: And If a Joke Tanks?

Own it. Say, “Well, that was supposed to be funny.” you’ll get the sympathy laugh. No one wants you to screw up, and they’ll think it was intentional 🙂 Shrug it off and keep on truckin, you’re just ahead of your time.

Wedding Speech Tips #5: Do Drinking and Toasting Mix?

A lot of people need a little liquid courage to help with their nerves. Honestly, I think its far more healthy just to overcome the fear if you can. But by all means, have a beer or some wine – just make sure not to overdo it. You want to be sharp for your delivery, and sober when you bask in the glory of giving the worlds most unforgettable wedding toast.


How to give a wedding toast #6: Keep it Conversational!

Be yourself, speak up, and act and talk like you’d normally talk to your best friend. If you’ve created a good wedding speech outline, you’ll be cruising through it like nobodies business. So savour this chance to love on your friend and to give the worlds best wedding toast.

Following these few key wedding toast tips should have you well on your way to an epic and even unforgettable wedding toast.

Trust us, giving a wedding toast is an honour – but not something you should be stressing about! We hope our tips for wedding toasts have given you the confidence you need to give a great wedding toast, and impress all your family and friends.

Check out Pinterest or google for more wedding toast inspiration. Wedding toast tips, wedding  toast poems, and wedding  toast examples abound online.   Watch our part one video for how to write a wedding toast – how to write an amazing wedding toast and wedding toasts that will bring tears to your spouses eyes. You’ll cherish your wedding toast forever! Contact us at or visit to watch more Kelowna Wedding Films, Vernon Wedding Films, Penticton Wedding Films, and Okanagan wedding films and visit for Okanagan wedding photography


Until then – Happy Planning!


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