How To Plan A Bachelor Party

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Wonder How To Plan A Bachelor Party?

Don’t get stressed about Bachelor Party Planning – Plan Your Bachelor Party in just 3 Easy Steps

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How to Plan an Epic Bachelor Party

So you’ve been asked to be the best man at your friends wedding – congratulations! Clearly your friend trusts you enough to place you in charge of planning his Bachelor Party, and even say a few words at the wedding reception.


The History of the Bachelor Party

Bachelor Parties find their origin with the Spartans – those ripped and manly legends of old. The bachelor party was a chance for the grooms dad and friends to spend an evening feasting and toasting the groom and eachother. For generations its been seen as an important rite of passage as a man becomes a husband and launches off to start his own family.


Fast forward to modern times, the purpose of a bachelor party has become more about the grooms last chance to get all of his bad behaviour out of his system, before such things as strip clubs and copious amounts of alcohol are forever banished.


Fortunately, these kinds of parties have been going out of style of late. Such parties neither honor the bride-to-be, who will be stressed by the temptations her fiancée may succumb to, nor respect your friend the groom, who has likely reach a point of maturity in which he feels ready to get married and settle down. For the groom-to-be, marriage does not likely signal the end to his days of strip clubs and bar hopping, he’s already left behind those things some time ago. But certainly marriage will leave him less time to hang with his boys.


So instead of viewing a bachelor party as your friend’s last chance for debauchery, a party should really serve as a golden opportunity for male bonding, a chance to do activities that may become less frequent post-marriage, and a time to blow off pre-nuptial jitters.


Bachelor Party Planning in 3 Key Steps:

Planning an epic bachelor party really isn’t as hard as it may seem on the surface – it can be broken down into 3 key steps


How To Plan a Bachelor Party Step 1: First, Pick an Activity.

The first step in planning a bachelor party is to choose an activity to center the party around. Just because your fiesta won’t involve stuffing dollar bills into g-strings, doesn’t mean that it has to be a boring affair. There are plenty of other activities that will unleash your testosterone and get your heart pumping. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Rent jet skis for a day on the water
  • Go snow skiing or snowboarding
  • Attend a professional or collegiate sporting event
  • Attend a boxing or MMA match
  • Spend the day golfing
  • Take a deep sea fishing trip, charter a fishing boat, or take a lesson in fly fishing
  • Plan a game of a football, basketball, soccer, or bowling
  • Create a casino night, complete with a paid dealer
  • Go paintballing
  • Take a camping or backpacking trip

Here are a few tips in narrowing down your options:


  • Don’t do anything insanely dangerous. You want to have fun, but you don’t want to risk breaking one of the groom’s limbs. He’ll find it difficult to go scuba diving on his honeymoon with a cast on his leg.
  • It’s nice to surprise your friend with what he’ll be doing at his party, but be sure to cater to his personality and interests.
  • Consider the relative budgets of your friends. You don’t want some of the groom’s friends to skip the party because they can’t afford to come.
  • After you choose an activity for the bachelor’s party, plan for a meal to follow it. If it’s warm, a backyard cookout makes an excellent choice. If it’s cooler, or you simply desire something more formal, rent a room at your friend’s favorite restaurant.
  • At the dinner, encourage your friends to make funny roasts and poignant toasts. They may also wish to impart words of wisdom to the groom. If you have some advice, or want to say things that won’t be included when you write your awesome best man’s speech, feel free to contribute to the toasting.

How To Plan a Bachelor Party Step 2: Pick a Date

There are several considerations to take into account when planning the date of the party. While it is tempting to have the party the night before the wedding when all the guests are in town, its really asking for trouble. The groom needs to be sharp for the next day’s ceremony, and the last thing he wants is to be tired afterwards! Also, a rehearsal dinner is often planned for the same night and would conflict with your party. So choose a date several weeks before the wedding. If many of the groom’s friends live out-of-state, make sure to organise this far in advance so that they aren’t traveling into town twice in a short period of time.

How To Plan a Bachelor Party Step 3 is to Invite the grooms friends.

Invite all the men in the wedding party and all of the groom’s good friends and male relatives with whom he is close. If you’re not sure who he would want there and who he wouldn’t, theres nothing wrong with asking him.


Bachelor Party Tip: Make sure to get rsvps for the party well ahead of time

– don’t try to organize anything with less than 3 weeks notice. The invitations should match the party’s level of formality. If the party is to be formal, send quality, written invitations through the mail. If the party is going to be a more casual affair, a phone call or email will do. If the party will involve an activity such as the ones mentioned above, include information such as the cost, meeting place and time, maps, etc.


Bachelor Party Tip: Discuss Payment Details in Advance

Each invitee should be responsible for paying for the cost of himself and chipping into the cost for the groom. In the invitation, include a respectful request for a check to be sent to you or an e-transfer made for the appropriate amount. Do this ahead of time or you’ll struggle to ever get your money back afterwards!


And thats it – bachelor party planning in 3 easy steps. Not so hard right?


Now all thats left is to enjoy the bachelor party and try to bring the groom to be back in one piece.


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