How To Write Your Own Wedding Vows

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Learning How To Write Your Own Wedding Vows is Tricky – Where do you start?

If you’re writing your own wedding vows, follow these 8 top tips to guarantee amazing wedding vows.

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 How To Write Your Own Wedding Vows

How to write your own wedding vows tip #1 – Practice makes perfect!

Say your vows out loud so you can hear how they sound off of paper. Great wedding vows are more about how they sound than what they look like written down.


How to write your own wedding vows tip #2 – Give yourself time.

Writing your wedding vows is a labour of love – and you want to give yourself the time you need to really express your feelings to your fiance. Start writing your personal wedding vows early, and don’t rush.


How to write your own wedding vows tip #3 Shorter is better.

Aim for a minute to a minute and a half in length (250 words.) This may seem like very long wedding vows to some of you, but to others this might seem short. The more succinct you can be in your wedding vows when writing them, the more impact every word in your wedding vows will have. This is the secret to powerful wedding vows.


How to write wedding vows tip #4 – Confirm with your spouse.

Find out what they want to write in your wedding vows. How personal are you willing to get? Make sure you’re on the same page to avoid any wedding vows gone wrong!


How to write Amazing Wedding Vows #5 РCheck with your officiant.

Make sure your priest, pastor or officiant is comfortable with your wedding vows. Some insist on certain things being said in your wedding vows – and will tell you what your wedding vows should say. Others just want to make sure they are comfortable with what your wedding vows are.


How to write your own wedding vows tip #6: Writers Block? No worries!

Check out Pinterest or google for more wedding vow inspiration. Wedding vow tips, wedding vow poems, and wedding vow examples abound online.


Watch the video for our other how to write wedding vows tips – how to write amazing wedding vows, and wedding vows that will bring tears to your spouses eyes. You’ll cherish your wedding vows forever!

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