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Outdoor Wedding Rain Backup Plan

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Rain Check – Tips for Bad Weather, Just in Case!



Whether its an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony or Outdoor Wedding Reception, one of the things we see couples tending to overlook is the possibility of poor weather on their special day. Although love is blind and it would seem unthinkable the rain would even think of showing up on your wedding day – make sure you’ve got a backup plan on the off chance bad weather makes an unannounced appearance!

Tips for creating your Outdoor Wedding Rain Backup Plan that leave you feeling knowing whatever comes, you can weather the storm!

Here are our tips in putting together your own Outdoor Wedding Rain Backup Plan:


Outdoor Wedding Rain Backup Plan Tip #1:

Rent A Tent.


If you’re planning on an all outdoor event, having some kind of shelter is a must, Even if it DOESN’T rain on your wedding day, your guests will still be greatful for a sheltered area outside of the summer sun. Food of any sort is also best kept in the shade, plus a tented area can serve to create a sense of boundary and space in your outdoor wedding ceremony or reception. If you hire a tent, make sure to pitch it at a high point on the property, so that rain will roll AWAY from the tent, and not INTO it!


Outdoor Wedding Rain Backup Plan Tip #2:

Write It Down!


If you decide on a backup location in the event of a rainy wedding, its important to give your guests that information in advance, as well as to keep all of your wedding vendors in the loop. Consider including the rain contingency plan on your wedding invitations, or send out a mass email with a link to google maps. Include clear directions and allowances for extra travel time/changes in the schedule.



Outdoor Wedding Rain Backup Plan Tip #3:

Keep it Pretty


Don’t despair if your day is covered in gray skies – make use of it! One of the upsides to a rainy day is the cooler temperate, and the chance to incorporate other details into your wedding that will make it unique. Rainy photo session? No worries! Have umbrellas given to the bridal party for some awesome and unique photos. Some brides even don a pair of bright rain boots to give the photos extra character and colour. Have fun with it!

Outdoor Wedding Rain Backup Plan Tip #4:

Talk to Your Venue/Vendors


Your Wedding Venue hosts events all year round – and trust us, they see their fair share of rainy days! Make use of their experience by asking them for suggestions and what backup plans/amenities they provide. Chat with your other vendors to find tips for their particular service.


Outdoor Wedding Rain Backup Plan Tip #5:

Appoint a Rain Backup Plan Organizer


Your carefully made plans in the event of a rainy wedding need to be actioned by someone – don’t try to do it yourself! Ask a friend or family member to handle the necessary details if it looks wet, so that rain or shine, when you wake up on your wedding day – there’s nothing to worry about.


Outdoor Wedding Rain Backup Plan Tip #6

Draw up a Separate “Rainy Day” Runsheet


Any changes in venue will add driving time to your day, and people tend to prefer moving indoors rather than standing outside for a lengthy cocktail hour. Consider shortening your cocktail hour and adding a little to the formal part of the evening in the event of wet weather. The last thing you want is your guests standing outside shivering as they wait to be let into the reception.


Outdoor Wedding Rain Backup Plan Tip #7

Decide on a Wet Weather Cut-Off


Make sure you discuss with your fiance months ahead to decide on just how much foul weather you’re willing to take before moving your wedding indoors. Let the vendors know this so that everyone can begin necessary changes or preparations as soon as possible on the actual day.


Outdoor Wedding Rain Backup Plan Tip #8

Bring Umbrellas


Make sure to provide umbrellas to your guests who may have forgotten or not have their own with them. Ask your venue or wedding planner about borrowing or renting umbrellas. Depending on the cost, you can consider buying all white or custom umbrellas in bulk online. The guests can then take them home as extremely useful party favours!


Outdoor Wedding Rain Backup Plan Tip #9

Food for Thought


We all know how nice it can be to cozy up with a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate when its rainy and cold outside. Chat with your caterer about a possible alternative meal plan in the event of rain – and mix it up from what so many other weddings look like. Give your guests some hot comfort food instead of chilled gazpacho and oysters on ice!


Outdoor Wedding Rain Backup Plan Tip #10

Shrug it Off

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed when your carefully made plans seem to fall around you – but at the end of the day, your wedding is so much more about celebrating with the people you love than hosting the perfect event. So cast your cares aside and don’t worry if a little rain threatens the day. Switch your signature cocktail to a Dark & Stormy, or change your ceremony recessional to B.J Thomas’ Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head. Let go, and savour the experience.



These tips for creating your Outdoor Wedding Rain Backup Plan should leave you feeling confident and knowing that rain or shine – whatever comes you can weather the storm! We hope they’re helpful in planning your Outdoor Okanagan Wedding. Whether its an Outdoor Kelowna Wedding, Outdoor Westbank Wedding, Outdoor Penticton Wedding or Outdoor Vernon Wedding. We want you to be confident in your Outdoor Wedding Rain Backup Plan!


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Until next time, Happy Planning!










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