The birth of an Okanagan Wedding Film company – Tailored Fit Films

Written by Ryan Breitkreutz of

Ryan is a director & producer, and the co-founder of Tailored Fit Films. At just 21 years of age, he has already filmed more weddings this year than many wedding cinematographers complete in a season.

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Tailored Fit Films was created out of a passion for story. There are many Kelowna Wedding Videographers and Okanagan Wedding Videographers out there. They offer great products that record exactly what happens at your wedding. Tailored Fit Films is not one of those studios however. We want to go deeper – and tell the story of the emotions and real moments of your wedding day. Each and every one of us lives for story – our lives are wrapped up in it. We communicate through the telling of stories, and we learn the best through story. We seek our entertainment in the stories of others – whether through a good book or a great movie.

Each and every one of us has a story. Totally unique in the world. There is no story like it. Your Kelowna wedding day is one of the most life-defining and cherished parts of that story – and the vision of Tailored Fit Films has always been to bring that story to life – and to capture it on film.

Your Okanagan wedding is over in a flash – its full of memories and moments that you can’t get back. Only a film can capture your wedding vows and Dad crying as he gives away his baby girl, only a film can immortalize the speeches of your most cherished friends and family, and only a wedding film can truly capture the magic of your Okanagan wedding day.

So many parts of your Kelowna wedding last only a day or two – your flowers, your cake, the DJ, the Okanagan wedding venue. But your Wedding Film will last forever.

So go on – tell your story.