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Wedding Budget – Why your wedding film should be at the very top!

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Of course we’re biased, but here at Tailored Fit Films, we think that your Wedding Film might very well be the MOST important part of your wedding budget.

Yes we know – shocking! Most people plan their dream wedding, choose the perfect location, ideal photographer, fantastic caterer and the cutest cake – but wedding films somehow seem to be an extra in the wedding budget. We’re 100% convinced that your wedding NEEDS video, and that you’ll regret it if you don’t capture your day on film. Read on to find out why:


Your big day will be here before you know it.

We know how much work it is to plan a wedding. You’ve agonized over every detail. When your day arrives – you want it to be PERFECT. Planning your wedding is a labour of love. Its the first step in a series of days that lead off into forever – together as husband and wife. But when the day finally arrives – trust us, its over before you have a chance to blink!


“A wedding day is absolute magic. The nervous preparations of the morning, the anticipation of that car ride to the ceremony, the tears in Dad’s eyes as he gives away his little girl. The electricity of your first kiss as Husband and Wife”


amazing first kiss ideas by tailored fit films

In a flash, you’ll be cutting your beautiful cake. Before you know it, the music is playing and you’re having your first dance.

The beauty of a wedding – and really of life, is that once a moment is gone – you can’t get it back. These moments are precious, you can’t put a price on them.

Your flowers might last for a week. Your wedding cake is eaten the same day. Your DJ and Wedding Venue are gone at the end of the evening.

Your photos won’t catch everything. Only a film can capture your vows, speeches, and the magic of that once in a lifetime day. Why is it that its always at the bottom of the wedding budget? Any live event should have video at the top of its priorities, simply because nothing can capture a live event the way that a film can! Imagine watching the Notebook with Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams as a photo slideshow… not as effective, is it?



Most parts of your wedding are here and gone. You only get to enjoy them ONE time, for a couple of hours. Remember that your wedding film is going to last you FOREVER – don’t let it be one of the things you try to save some money on, or see if you can afford after you plan everything else :)



So maybe cut back on the flower budget, invite a couple less of those guests you hardly know, or substitute a candy bar for your cake. Because when you think about cost versus value – Your Wedding Film and Photography are the MOST IMPORTANT parts of your wedding day. And that is a wedding budget tip worth holding on to.

Happy Planning!

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Ryan Breitkreutz - International Wedding Filmmaker

Ryan Breitkreutz is the founder, Director and Producer at Tailored Fit Films – filming weddings from Sydney all the way to Canada. Visit for inquiries or to watch a film!

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Is a wedding film important? Should I film my wedding? is a wedding video worth the money? whats the point of a wedding video? are there any wedding videographers who make GOOD wedding videos? are all wedding videos boring? These are all great questions. Here at Tailored Fit Films, we don’t refer to ourselves as wedding videographers, we’re cinematographers. And we don’t make traditional, bore you to tears wedding videos either! We create one of a kind wedding films. Your wedding film, like your wedding album, should be a piece of art. Something to cherish and to pass on as a family heirloom. That’s why we’re so passionate about wedding films. We’re a wedding video studio in Kelowna, BC that doesn’t do wedding videography – we craft wedding FILMS. Watch a wedding film on our homepage, or ask us your wedding film questions. Hope to hear from you!