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What Were You Thinking!? Wedding Cake Ideas you HAVE TO SEE to believe

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Okay, if you’ve had a chance to check out any of our wedding tips and planning blogs – be aware, this is NOT one of them.

In fact, I was browsing google for ideas on helpful blogs when I stumbled across a few of these… er… fantastic…cakes.

And so we’re mixing it up here a little at Tailored Fit, because sometimes we can learn best from the creative misguidance of others. It goes without saying that everyone will have SOMETHING go wrong at their wedding. We want to save you the trouble of eliminating a few cake designs off of your potentials list.

We hope these cakes leave you inspired. At the very least, they’ll leave you feeling so much better at wedding planning.


Wedding Cake Ideas #1:

While not a cake in itself, imagine what this simple accessory can add to any cake. Perfect for the brides of arranged marriages.

hilarious wedding cake ideas



Wedding Cake Ideas #2:

Following a similar theme, for the groom who is “just not sure”


hilarious wedding cake ideas



Wedding Cake Ideas #3:

Grandma ate an entire bowl of hard candies and didn’t want to waste the wrappers.

hilarious wedding cakes





Wedding Cake Ideas #4:

Four sets of stairs, two sets of turtledove: lovebirds, two brides…and two grooms. Double wedding? Polygamy : Polyandry? Baker who gets paid by the hour?


hilarious wedding cakes



Wedding Cake Ideas #5:

I want it to be round and square and dotted and textured and striped and bows and features and realistic flowers. And tasteful darling, always.

hilarious wedding cakes


Wedding Cake Ideas #6:

From the alternate universe in which Lil’ John is a wedding planner.


hilarious wedding cakes


Wedding Cake Ideas #7:

Duck hunt cake – you know people are supposed to eat this, right?

hilarious wedding cake ideas


Wedding Cake Ideas #8:

Pro – It matches the wedding dress. And everything at weddings *has* to match, apparently, judging by all the matchy-matchy we see on pinterest.  Con – an uncomfortable dining experience guaranteed to all.


hilarious wedding cakes



Wedding Cake Ideas #9:

Maybe it’s a really bad photo? Maybe the cake wasn’t done when the photo was taken? Maybe it’s not a cake at all, but a styrofoam decoration?


hilarious wedding cakes



Wedding Cake Ideas #10:

I think its safe to say no one is going to want to eat a cake that looks like you used it to juice Cookie Monster..


hilarious wedding cakes



Wedding Cake Ideas #11:

It’s usually best to leave off a wedding topper for this style, but if you do choose to have one, make sure it’s simple, understated, and elegant


hilarious wedding cakes


Wedding Cake Ideas #12:

When all else fails, remember – You can always jam a stick in it and charge $200


hilarious wedding cakes




Wedding Cake Ideas #13:

I think a poem is required to do this one justice…

The cake that keeps giving,

and makes your guests squirm,

 ‘Cause nothing says “marriage,”

like butterflies and… tadpoles?


hilarious wedding cake ideas


Wedding Cake Ideas #14:

Unless your wicked guardian is forcing you to marry a man you don’t love so they can bilk you out of a fortune you never knew you had whilst the wind howls mournfully across the tempestuous moors, I’d suggest something a tad more cheerful.. Also, is it just me or is there maybe a bit of an unintended connection between the cake above, and the cake below? Er… whoops.


hilarious wedding cakes




Wedding Cake Ideas #15:

We always want to end with something positive, so here is a simply awesome cake idea that can be had for just 23 boxes of your favourite snack:


amazing wedding cakes

I bring you the greatest cake of all.  Is it a pile of Oreos? Or a cake painstakingly decorated to look like a pile of Oreos? You know, either way’s good


Well, hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of cake’s gone wrong, and have learned from these wedding cake ideas – I know we had a good time finding em.


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Until next time – happy planning!


Ryan Breitkreutz - Head Cinematographer, Photographer & Founder of Tailored Fit Films

Ryan Breitkreutz – Head Cinematographer, Tailored Fit Films

Looking for amazing wedding cake ideas? How about Hilarious Ones? We’ve compiled a list of wedding cakes that made us laugh, cry and roll over. Seeing is believing – learn from these creative disasters!



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