How many cameras/camera-operators will be used to capture my day?


No matter what film package you choose, each wedding is filmed with crew members utilising the same techniques. We use either 1 or 2 camera operators  depending on your package – We work together to capture the entire day from multiple angles. More than 3 cameras may be employed depending upon the scope of the event and circumstances. Large weddings or complex timelines really benefit from added shooters to ensure the entire event is well covered.


Can having multiple crew members be obtrusive?

Its really just the opposite! Having multiple camera operators allows us to place ourselves around strategically to capture things more naturally as they happen. We won’t have to stand in front of the main action as a single camera operator would in order to get a clean view. We also make use of telephoto lenses to remove ourselves physically from the action and capture things intimately from afar. We will do whatever we can to not detract from any part of your wedding day.


Does my film come with a full copy of the ceremony?

Yes! Every package comes with your Full Ceremony and Speeches, which allows you to relive your ceremony homily and vows, special reception & spotlight dances (first dance and parents dances), and your reception toasts in their entirety, from multiple angles.


Do I receive ALL of my wedding footage?

Most packages come with an artistically composed Feature Film, and a full copy of your ceremony and speeches. Your Feature Film is the result of us taking the BEST parts of all your footage and condensing it into an emotional and entertaining family heirloom. If you wish to purchase your raw footage, it is available as an a la carte item for $500 delivered on an external hard drive.


How many weddings do you film per year?

Tailored Fit Films is available for a limited number of weddings per year. We try not to accept more than 25 annually. We may allow a few extras for exotic destination weddings abroad.


How many hours of coverage are included in my package?

Most of our packages come with 9 hours of continuous coverage time. Should your wedding go longer, you are free to add as much coverage time as you’d like, at an additional fee of $250 per hour.


I am having a destination wedding, how does that work as far as pricing and traveling?

We LOVE destination weddings, and are happy to provide our own travel and accommodation plans, free of charge :)


How long does it take to receive my film?

We think 6 month long turnaround times are crazy, and push to have your film finished in 5-8 weeks. That said we run into a backlog during the summer, so your contract will state that it could take up to 3 months from your wedding in case circumstances prevent us from maintaining that expectation. We would much rather be upfront about this now than disappoint you later on.


How is the film delivered? DVD, Flash Drive?

Great question! You want your film to last – and you want you to have it in the best possible quality! With everything moving online and onto the cloud, DVD’s and USB’s are now going the route of VHS. In knowing this trend is coming, we now provide all our clients with an online client gallery to view and share their film with family and friends around the world INSTANTLY, and at the click of a button. This also lets you make and share as many copies as you desire for safe keeping down the road, and removes the risk of your film getting lost in a moving box, house fire etc. The best part is that removing the physical delivery means we can get your film to you FAST – We’re no longer waiting the typical 4-6 weeks it takes to order custom drives and DVD’s to our studio, and you can relive the moments sooner.


I was at a wedding and saw something called a Same Day Edit. It was a short film shown at the end of the night! Do you offer this?

Yes we offer Same Day Edits! It’s a great way to have something instantly after the wedding while you wait for your Feature Film.  Because producing the film is our primary focus, we need you to arrange the visual screens and sound system for playback of your film. Many DJs and wedding reception venues now offer this amenity.


Will I be able to choose the music for you to use in the Feature Film?

Music Licensing these days has gotten complicated, and well known songs can be extremely expensive to acquire rights for. In addition, some songs lend themselves better to a film setting than others – so we encourage you to let us choose the music for your film. We will pick music that we feel best captures your individuality and the emotion behind your day.

You are free to provide us with a list of songs as an “inspiration template” for us to work from!


How do I book a consultation? What If I don’t live nearby?

Simply fill out the contact form in our menu, and provide us with as much information as you can. Someone will get back to you ASAP. If you live out of town, no worries! We are happy to have a consultation with you via Skype.