Tailored Fit Films might catch you on the way to work! Wedding film Posters that will catch your eye and stop you in your tracks

Tailored Fit Films

Tailored Fit Films is excited to announce our NEW bus stop advertising campaign, displaying their brand new wedding film posters. Ryan Breitkreutz, Founder of Tailored Fit Films told us “One of our most popular add-ons to Wedding Film Packages are our Theatrical Movie Posters. Wedding Film Posters are one-of-a-kind, custom designed 2x4ft high quality prints – with all the wow factor you’d see on display at your local movie theatre.”

Bus stops throughout the Okanagan will now have the wedding film posters of actual clients displayed for public viewing – and with artwork like this, its hard not to notice!

Says Zach Boyd, Founder of Tailored Fit Films – We’re an Okanagan born and based Company. While we have high hopes for expansion and are currently booked for several weddings as far as Australia next year, the Okanagan is home – and we want to stay in the community for as long as possible. If you’re after a luxury experience, our wedding film posters certainly offer a product you won’t find anywhere else in the area!”

Tailored Fit Films is available for Okanagan Wedding Videography throughout the valley. They also offer Okanagan Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks on their website, www.tailoredfitfilms.com.

Zach is excited about the 2012 launch of their Okanagan Wedding Film studio, and can’t wait to give back to the community he’s grown up in.

“Kelowna wedding video, Vernon wedding video – if its in the Okanagan, we’re there! Our favorite wedding posters are the ones with home on em!”

Tailored Fit Films wedding packages start at just $2300. Wedding Film Posters can be seen online or at local bus stops throughout the Okanagan. You can visit their website – www.tailoredfitfilms.com for more information.

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