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So you’re planning a wedding.

You’ve set a budget, you’ve selected a venue, you’ve made your guest list. You’ve also read up on wedding planning tips from the pros to make sure you’re not missing anything.

Now its time to send out your wedding invitations – and you’re stuck.

Wedding invitation wording can be a tricky thing to decide. Exactly WHAT should be included on a wedding invitation? WHERE should I print my wedding invitations? Do I have to send hardcopies? Can’t I just send an email wedding invitation or a video invite instead?

That’s just the start of it. Things can get really tough when you start to think about plus ones at your wedding. This can be one of the challenging things to decide, as allowing guests to bring a plus one will add a significant amount to your budget. But if you choose to go without, how do you word your invitations so they won’t be offended? How do you decide what counts as a plus one? Should you invite your friends fiance to your wedding? Even more, what about your friends and relatives with children? Should they be invited to your wedding?

So clearly wording your invitations can feel a bit like tiptoeing across a thin sheet of ice, with deep, dark waters lurking within. How do you make those decisions without staying up all night stressing out? While there is no easy answer, we wanted to share the best tips and approaches we’ve heard to wedding invitation wording. There are lots of options when it comes to wedding invitations, and so we’ve hope some of these make wording your invites a little easier!

1 – Include names at the top of the invite

This is the easiest way of clearly and politely saying who is invited, and who is not. Plus it makes guests feel special and thought of – not just part of a mass mailing list 🙂

1 Handwritten Calligraphy Address Stamp -- Mixed Calligraphy and type - Elle Style from AngeliqueInk


2 – If its adults only, make it clear on the invitation.

Don’t feel bad about saying adults only, but make it crystal clear on the invite to make sure there aren’t any mixups. Certain close relatives might be an exception, if so let them know on the invite. Also consider having the kids at the ceremony, with an adult only reception as a compromise. If you’re worried guests won’t be able to make it without their kids, you can always provide a babysitting service for the night.


2 Adult only wedding reception invite


3 – Consider a wedding invitation video to add extra details / personalized touch

Wedding invites don’t have to be in paper form anymore! With so much of our lives revolving around social media and happening online, a video invite is a great way to give extra info to your guests, or forgo paper invitations altogether (although that might be a little tough to get older relatives like granda and grandpa online!) We love filming invitations and thankyou videos for our couples, and offer it as part of our top package, or as an add on service. Contact us for more info on a video wedding invitation.



4 – Print the basics, but leave room for handwritten additions

This is if you have nice handwriting of course! Anything you add to customize your invitations will be appreciated. It can be especially helpful to leave some blank space in your design to add in little details certain guests will need while others won’t.


4 Handwritten Customizable Wedding Invitations on Etsy


5 – Avoid clutter on the invite by adding a link to all the details

Wedding websites are all the rage now, and they can be a fantastic way for guests to get information, see your engagement photography, or post their photos of your wedding for you to share. But if this is too complicated for you, you can always attach a link to an info sheet you upload to google drive, or create a quick invite video with your iphone giving guests the extra info. Easy, simple, free. Doesn’t get much better than that 🙂


5 Wedding Invite with website link


6 – Personalize!

Incorporate a photo from your engagement shoot, or style the invites in a way that represents something unique about you. The best weddings period are the ones that are themed around things unique to the bride and groom! So dig into your creativity, and stay true to it.


6. creative and personalized wedding invitation


7 – Make sure to include ALL the details!

Date, start time, canapes? Reception time, addresses, how to RSVP, wedding registry info, accommodation options, plus one/children info. If you can’t fit all this on the invitation, include a link to where they can find all the details (wedding website, google drive doc, youtube video etc) You can also consider using larger envelopes and including a separate sheet with all this info in it.

7a wedding invitation with all the information

8 -If design isn’t your thing, there are TONS stationary designers out there.

A quick look on Pinterest will show you you’re in good company! Don’t stress about doing EVERYTHING yourself. Yes it can be done cheaper, but there is also a cost to your time. If its not something you want to do, delegate or outsource it to someone else. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did 🙂


That’s Our Top Tips!

Hopefully they make wording your invitations a little bit easier! We’ve scoured the internet to bring you our top picks when it comes to wedding invitations. Hope they inspire! For your reference below, we’ve also put together some lists of local Kelowna Vendors for wedding invitation design and printing.


Wedding Invitation Designs We Love:

22 Creative Save the Dates for your Inspiration | Secret Wedding Blog wedding photobooth invitation ideas Wedding Invitation Inspiration - Creative Wedding Invitations and Stationary Vintage Wedding Invitation. We love the design! Print your Wedding stationery with CardsMadeEasy Unique Wedding Invitations | ... Special Touch With Personalised Wedding Invitations | Weddingfully Pop Up | 16 Alternative Wedding Invitations And Save The Dates perfect garden wedding invitations Old Fashioned Romance 1 by B Wedding Invitations THIS IS THE ONE! Multi-talented photographer Brooke Courtney created the wedding invitations for her brother-in-law’s recent wedding Love tree custom laser cut wedding invitations and reply cards..LOVE!! invitation-inspiration-15-prettiest-invitations_041 handstamped wedding invitation custom stamps Fantastic idea- luggage tag save-the-dates for a destination wedding. Well done, Atheneum Creative! Elegant Rustic Hand Lettered Gold Foil Letterpress Wedding Invitations by Ladyfingers Letterpress via Oh So Beautiful Paper cute booklet style wedding invitation--we could change this up a bit, but I thought you might like this idea of cutting out the words and having an engagement picture behind it. Alternative Wedding Invitations and Save the Dates- inflatable printed balloon 7 wedding invitation with all the information


Kelowna Wedding Invitation Design Services:

Dandelion Willows Invitations + Stationery

Ginger Creative – Unique Stationery & Graphic Design

Ever After Scrapbooking & Papercrafts Kelowna, BC

Modern Invitations

Love Notes by Lynn Noel – Custom Handmade Wedding

lovelyvelo | Wedding Invitations

Kelowna Wedding Invitation Print Options:

Wedding Invitations – Rapid Printing Kelowna, BC

Kelowna, BRITISH COLUMBIA (BC) Michaels Stores

PAPYRUS | Greeting Cards, Stationery, Personalized

Kelowna Custom Print Design | Tru Design Media Kelowna

Printing company Kelowna Print shop | Print Factory


We hope you enjoyed these wedding invitation wording tips and inspiration. If you have some other tips, please let us know in the comments below!

Happy Planning


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