Why Does Wedding Video Cost So Much?

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Wondering Why Does Wedding Video Cost So Much?

Zach tells us why Wedding Video can seem expensive, but is actually one of the highest-value investments you can make at your wedding:

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Ever Wondered Why Wedding Video & Wedding Videographers cost so much?


Local Kelowna Wedding Videographer Zach Boyd from Tailored Fit Films describes why Kelowna Wedding Videography costs so much, and how to get the most value for your money:


Honestly, wedding video can be a pricey addition to any wedding budget. Most people don’t realize however everything they are getting when they pay for professional wedding video. Your Okanagan Wedding Videographers don’t just show up at your Kelowna Wedding, press record, and then finish up on the same night. Your footage goes through intense editing, wedding video colour grading, wedding video sound design and professional production so that your Okanagan wedding film is something just like the movies. It takes us 5-6 weeks to produce a wedding film – a LOT more work than just the wedding day.


On top of that, your wedding videography is filmed with over $25000 of cinema gear

– imagine the issues when it comes to theft, wear and tear, insurance, and bad weather.


Lastly, you’re paying for professional video coverage of your wedding.

The Professional Okanagan Wedding Videographers at Tailored Fit Films are trained to get you the best possible results and cinematic wedding film. Great wedding videographers just like any other professional also need to charge what they’re worth.


So hopefully Zach helps you understand why when it comes down to it – your Kelowna or Okanagan Wedding Video is really the best deal of your wedding: its the only thing you’ll have to remember your Okanagan wedding ceremony, your Okanagan Wedding speeches, and the Okanagan wedding day experience.

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