What is a Same Day Edit?

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What is a Same Day Edit? Can I play my Wedding Video at the Reception?

Zach answers the question “What is a Same Day Edit?”

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What is a Same Day Edit?

Same Day Edits Explained

What is a Same Day Edit? Should I have a Same Day Edit at my wedding? What is a same day wedding video? Same Day Wedding Movie?

They go by many different names, but basically a Same Day Edit is a short Wedding Film that shows the highlights of your wedding day. Same Day Edits are normally played during the wedding reception.



Same day edits are AMAZING additions to any wedding reception.

At Tailored Fit Films, we love Same Day Edits because they are an amazing way to reflect on the wedding day and to show your wedding guests everything that happened they might have missed. To create a Same Day Edit, We bring an extra wedding videographer with our Okanagan wedding videography team, so that while we’re busy capturing speeches and cocktail hour, they can be hard at work editing your Kelowna Wedding Film, Vernon Wedding Video or Penticton Wedding Videography. At the end of the reception, your Okanagan Wedding Video is ready to air – for your guests to watch and enjoy.

We love same day edits -and hope you’ll consider having one at your wedding.

Contact us with more same day edit questions or questions on Okanagan Videographers, Kelowna Wedding Video, Vernon Wedding Films or Penticton Wedding Videography

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